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an amazing person with a crazy personality. A Javen is usually funny, kind, outgoing, good looking, and very smart.
girl 1: "wow look at that guy!"

girl 2: "he is so cute!"

girl 1: "and smart!!"

girl 2: "he must me a Javen."

girl 1: "oh yeah"
by XxMariaxX March 15, 2010
Someone who knows bare manz
Dat man iz a javen bruv, he knows all the manz in Pecknarm
by alrocks66 August 31, 2008
being called a javen is a very harsh insult. a javen is a jealous, selfish and manipulative person. Javens can also have a slight tendency towards homosexuality or homoeroticism.
"dont call me a javen, i know ive been a selfish bastard lately but thats taking it too far"
by fishman December 14, 2004
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