really tall guy who is an athlete mixed with a nerd, movie buff, also refered to as the elusiv whit man
they went to jared
#white #hot #tall #fast #movie #reader
by 7layersofsin May 31, 2010
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Top Definition
1.someone who has achieved the mastery of greatness
2.someone you would stride to be like
3.a manifestation of excellence
4.basically the raw-est nigga God could create
Jared is the best

I lost my girlfriend to Jared... oh well

My wife is screwing Jared
#pimp #the best #someone successful #not you #jar-ed
by someone with a name April 07, 2008
The most amazing boy alive. Best smile, laugh, personality, body,...everything. The total package. Impossible not to fall in love with. After one kiss, there's quite literally no going back. Without a doubt, the best lover I have ever had. Simply put, this boy is perfect.
Jared, is the love of my life.
#jared #is #the #sexiest #man #alive
by Camilio December 06, 2010
A man with a legendary sized penis who dresses extremely fly. Usually of Brazilian decent.
1. Damn he must be a Jared!!
2. If only I could be a Jared. Then i could one day be king.
#huge cock #dasilva #legendary #king #giant
by j silva January 02, 2008
A charming, smart, sweet, caring guy, that stole my heart from the first day. Utter blissfulness whenever in his presence..
Jared is the luckiest guy in the world.
#jarod #charming #sweet #smart #caring
by whitskin18 April 18, 2010
A good-looking, tall, athletic, smart, dorky, and funny guy who is usually an amazing boyfriend but can easily become jealous. He has a good heart and will always be an amazing friend.
"He was like the funnest guy to hang out with!"
"I know! He's totally a Jared."
#cute #funny #hot #sweet #amazing #dorky
by AliKali1996 October 21, 2011
1. a top notch baller marked by disticnt good looks, a solid A in geometry honors, and man uggs.
2. a passionate capricorn who possesses a blazing love for vanilla icing, the xgames, and rock band.
3. someone amazing.

*also see BEAR
Cara is so incredibly lucky, I wish I could have a Jared!
#my chemical romance #hot jew #dunkaroos #polar bear #jordan
by JZLOVERRRR February 06, 2008
A really, really hot guy, that I think may like me back. Known each other for a wicked long time.
Flippy brown hair and hazel eyes. HE'S GORGEOUS!!
Wicked nice and the funniest guy you have every met!! <3
"Wow, that guy over there, he's such a Jared."
"I know. How long have you known him?"
"Well I said he's a Jared, so we've known each other forever!!"
#jared #cute #love #adorable #gorgeous
by HockeyGrl450 January 26, 2009
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