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A master and skilled fabricator who also goes by the name of Dark Wing that resides in the northeast section of Philadelphia where the Japedo himself builds, customizes, fabricates, and installs virtually anything along the lines of cars or motorcycles If you need it done, Japedo has a Guy, no matter what the fuck any v8 head has to says. Only his boys and members of his fabrication squad know the location of his not one but many garages/ off location layers where the japedo works his magic. V8 owners wish they could keep up with many of shadiest shit that comes out of japedos fab shop.
Yo I need to find a way to make my v8 keep up with them 4 bangers that are rolling out of japedo's, i am so fucked i hate not being able to keep up with cars that have 4 less cylinders than my big v8. fml

Dude japedo did the craziest weld job on that blue evo's exhaust, shit is one mean ass straight pipe.
by professor snape April 28, 2011
Someone of Japanese background who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.
Creators and consumers of lolicon, shotacon, and so-called "junior idols" are generally japedos.
by xxx-xxx December 18, 2009
A Japanese Pedophile, A Pedophile of Asian descent
Mr. Wong is a Japedo, he's always checking me out.
by pcrtr83 March 06, 2008
Lame ass douche bags that think they're the shit. Usually think that they're good at working on cars, but in reality they just blow fat dicks.
He just did a burnout and hit a curb in his Chevy. Wow, what a Japedo.
by japedoblowscock July 26, 2011
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