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it is when a woman is squiting vagina juices in your face, and you have to squint your eyes like a japanese man, and you wish you had goggles on to protect yourself.
when going down on a squirting woman, and you squint your eyes like a japanese person. it's as if you are wearing japanese rain goggles
by beta2 November 22, 2010
A phrase that means absolutely nothing but was designed to cause hype on the internet.
Charlie Sheen said Courtney gave him "japanese rain goggles" last night...
by Caaaxy! November 24, 2010
Japanese Rain Goggles is when a man gets a oral sex from a woman while his testicles are on her eyes. Once he's about to reach an orgasm she blinks quickly giving him a slight tingle sensation to his testicles and increasing the pleasure.
Damn, i hooked up with this chick last night and she did the Japanese Rain Goggles, best head ever.
by dieselboy_tm November 24, 2010
n. When a man covers a woman's eyes with his balls while she gives him felatio.
Bitch get in here and I'll give you Japanese Rain Goggles.
by texasredeyechicka November 22, 2010
When a mans balls cover a womans eyes as she gives him oral
Dylan gave Melly Japanese Rain goggles last night
by crazdlady November 22, 2010
are when a man takes his nose and sticks it in a womans vagina while she sits on his face. She then proceeds to pee or ejaculate all over the mans face.
Vanessa gave Charlie a Japanese Rain goggles.
by jointfitter1968 November 23, 2010
When a squirter sits on your face for oral sex and when she cums your eyes are protected by her ass cheeks which are called Japanese Rain Goggles
Lisa sat on Barts face and gave him Japanese Rain Goggles.
by Alvin Mack32 November 22, 2010
When a girl squats over your face and dripps her pussy juices in your eye's.
oh yeah baby come here and give me the japanese rain goggles.
by flogglywoggly November 25, 2010