the most overrated yet the most underrated country in the world.
overrated by maniac headless anime fans that think that japan is heaven while any anime is just an imaginary world that represents its maker dark sides or ideals just like any american or euro movie.
underrated by americans because it is the only country to actually reach america and damage it literally in WW2 and until now, and due to economical and artistic and sportive concurrence between the two countries.
so in general it is a country with highs and lows like any other country the only difference is that its facade is damaged by both its lovers and haters.
Japan at least it leaves tentacle rape into animes not like countries that rape your mind and soul every day while looking like saints from the outside. nevermind.
by purple moon wolf March 28, 2010
An expression which usually means goodbye or just to greet someone popularized by Ryan Quintin Golez.
End shift mo na? Sige, japan!
Japan, japan!
by grayfox1981 April 01, 2009
A nation in east Asia composed of 4 main islands; and hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller islands. Much of the land is mountain, so people are largely restricted to limited areas to live. Current population is approximately 127 million, with a per capita GDP of $29,400 (2004 estimate). This places it as the 21st richest country per capita, just behind the Netherlands.
Japan's history is long, with a ruling family which has been in place longer than any other in the world. Japan was an isolationist country until Commodore Matthew Perry presented Japan with Fillmore's letter. Afterwards, Japan quickly modernized and militarized, and won the respect of Europe after it defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese war. In the following years Japan invaded Manchuria, Korea, and eventually parts of China. During this time, the Japanese came to be known and feared for being especially brutal (examples include the rape of Nanking, where the Japanese killed over 200,000 civilians and noncombatants) The United States cut off trade with Japan in response, which hurt Japan's military ambition. This led Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor, and bring the United States into World War 2. The war ended with Japan surrendering unconditionally after nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and with the Soviet Union invading Manchuria and the Sakhalin Islands. Japan was left a ruin, with its economy a shambles. However, the following four decades saw a time of tremendous reconstruction and economic growth. However, the 90's have marked a rather long-lasting recession, one which Japan has not yet fully recovered.
Japan is known today mainly for its consumer technology and its popular culture. While the Japanese did not invent many of the things they produce, they have successfully improved and marketed them. Most famous are console gaming systems, which the Japanese produced exclusively starting with the Atari and ending in recent times when Microsoft released the Xbox. Their popular culture is regarded as rather bizarre by much of the world, especially the western one. Some aspects of this include their animation (referred to as "Anime" or "Japanimation" in the western world) and their late night game shows. However, not all aspects of their popular culture are positive. For instance, the Japanese show an unhealthy sexual infatuation with underage people, going so far as to have numerous pornographic videos, pictures, etc. of oboviously underage subjects.
The western world generally regards Japan with a combination of respect (for their business techniques and such) and amusement (with their popular culture). Most Oriental countries (most notably China and Korea) have a rather negative view of Japan. This is in part due to the atrocities the Japanese committed on them during the Second World War, and in part to the behavior of Japanese tourists, which is generally viewed as snobbish.
Japan is a fascinating country. Worth a visit for those who can afford it.
by 123456789 August 07, 2005
Home to, Nintendo, Naruto, Godzilla, Mario Bros., Gay Luigi,Kirby, Zelda, Sushi, Falco-Punch, And many more kick ass items
Japan is the only place where nintendo games actually own the stock market.
by AmazinUkrainian September 19, 2010
Japan? is basically used in replacement of I don't know? it's just better to say becuse japan is cool, i first heard this used by kezza.
"What are you up to later?"
by Lovisa July 14, 2006
(Verb) To splash someone non consensually with a large amount of water, sometimes to the extent that they have a meltdown over it.
I got Japaned on my run today. An 18 wheeler going by me went through a puddle and I didn't move away in time.

Kid at pool: Yo watch me Japan Kevin! (jumps in pool next to Kevin who is sunbathing)
Kevin: What the hell kid!?
Kid: Don't have a melt down over it.
by Elitist Fetus April 11, 2011
Japan is a very strange but interesting country. A country that has ugly-looking cars, vending machines that sell porn(or hentai in some cases), underwear, or supposedly internal organs, has the largest metropolitan area in the world(Tokyo), anime, has pachinko, and has seafood. Lots and lots of seafood.
Person 1: Come on, we need to catch our plane and head home.
Person 2: No! I want to stay in Japan so I can keep playing pachinko!
by Death Shredder June 26, 2007

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