A country on the east coast of asia That many north american anime lovers dream of visiting and assimilating to. A country in which these Japanese wannabes think the country lives and breathes nothing but anime and video games but in reality they are just like any other country in the world and just happens to be the birth place of anime and certain electronics etc.
(Japan Lover From north america) Oh wow I love anime! I will go to Japan one day cuz everyone there loves anime like me. And everywhere I go there will be young horny schoolgirls, arcades, DDR, anime stores, and rare japanese video games. I am gonna learn to speak japanese too and move there cuz I wish I was japanese.
by Cameron January 26, 2005
A country that has never quite got round yet to apologise for war crimes in Asia and it's mistreatment of allied POW'S during world war 2.
War Crimes in China, Korea, Phillipines, Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, New Guinea......
of rape, murder, pillage, executions without trial and torture of civilians.
Japan are guilty of crimes against allied POWS involving......
Beheading, water torture, burying up to the head in the sand, firing squad, castration, burning men alive, hanging, cruxifiction, starvation, working men to their deaths and in at least one known case, boiling a man to death.
by james pearce January 21, 2007
A country that is often unfortunatly and ignorantly associated with just anime and manga. There is more depth to this country other than its products. It has had its share of beautiful and dark periods of history, and it is the subject of criticism by many people for the atrocities it committed during WWII and its occupation of other Asian countries prior to WWII. Although a proserous and upright country as of now (to most standards), many look down upon it believing that Japan's post-WWII generation has ignorantly benefitted from the atrocities of their parents and at the expense of the suffering of other Asian nations. While not without some truth, it is true that foreigners would forgo the opportunity to check out the other beautiful cultures in Asia like that of Korea or Vietnam only to see more anime and eat sushi and pretend to speak Japanese, giving Japan unwarranted attention and wealth. (No real complaining on the money making, but who the hell wants to be known ONLY for producing sushi and anime by the majority of the world population? I'm sure Japan never intended that either.)

It sad to see that a culture and people as equally beautiful as any other is packaged and marketted to the masses in consumable chunks as if, for no good reason, anime and manga were the final word on the Japanese culture. If any country is jealous of that, I'd be amazed (look at previous comments enclosed in parenthesis) As a Korean American, I'd never want Disney or comic books shaping what others think of Americans, or God forbid allow Korean Drama to impress upon others of what an average Korean's day is like.
Japan is not an enemy of any nation as of now, but realistically speaking, nothing can compensate for the damage it had done when it was an enemy to some peoples. I mean, who'd want to undertake the process of righting the millions of death that occurred at the hands of the Japanese? No amount of monetary compensation can do it, no amount of "official" apologies can do it, and, certainly, no one in their right mind would go out and kill several million Japanese people for the purpose of reparation; that would only piss off more people (including myself) other than the Japanese, quite possibly the whole world, and the plan will surely backfire. This is a word of caution to those that are quick to demand that Japan fully compensate for the damage; not humanly possible. This also goes out to those that believe Japan should be forgiven and continue on as if its crimes are all part of a past better-forgotten; It definitely happened and it should and always will be a shameful reminder to Japan of its bloody period in history; its children should feel the weight of their parent's sins. So here is basically what I am saying: Japan, you'll never part with your dark sins, so don't even try, you'll open old and new wounds otherwise (textbook incident); you fucked up BIIIG time, so learn from it and make the lesson stick. All others, quit playing the "Japan Fucked Us Over And Should Repay" card and pay attention on getting your own countries to Japan's level of popularity on the global market (no anime knockoffs, pleeeeeeease!!!) instead of complaining how Japan is benefitting off of China's or Korea's past suffering; true to an extent, as it may be, but its time to move on. Beat them on the economic war if you hate em so much; taking money is better than taking apologies or lives.
by KPride April 21, 2006
Jumping And Pumping All Night
Old lady to her husband: I couldn't sleep last night.
Husband: What happened?
Lady: The new neighbors upstairs were JAPAN.
Husband: Tell you what, you want to do that too?
Lady: WTF?
by african_dude February 15, 2008
A country on the Northern Hemisphere, located in the Eastest end of the Far East, with about 130 million residents. Like most modern societies, Japan's struggles with its population getting too old, people of high age dominating demographics. The way they solve it can be a guide for now developing countries.

In the past Japan was influenced by China mainly, and since Perry's black ships in the 1850s, there was a growing pressure on the country to match Western customs and expectations, which may have peaked in the decades that followed World War II.

Still its culture's pretty unique, different from even Chinese in many aspects, as Ruth Benedict explained carefully in The Chrysanthemum and The Sword. It's dominated by shame, as opposed to Western cultures which are guided by sin. That is, while before doing something a Westerner would ask himself "Does this make me sin?", a Japanese rather asks "Will other people think this shames me?" This is also why they are so group-centric.
Japan is an island country in East Asia, located in the Pacific Ocean.

The economic miracle achieved by Japan in the second half of the 20th country was the envy of the rest of the world.
by Gabriel the Hun October 14, 2007
Japan is basically one of the coolest countries, in my opinion. They have wonderful food, adorable people, and a totally badass language. Their music is very fun and entertaining but the majority of their bands don't have much talent (although anything can sound cool if it's spoken in Japanese).They have very cool styles such as J-rock and the amazing harajuku
One country i would like to visit is Japan.
by awesomeashley73 May 15, 2009
Bizarre. Most everything in their culture is (to western mindsets) either mind-blowingly awesome, or mind-numbingly horrifying. There seems to be no middle ground.
Japan is where 7/10 of the worlds' weird shit comes from.
by Not_A_Clever_Man January 17, 2010
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