A country so nice, we bombed it twice
Japan: The U.S. just dropped two bombs on me!
Vietnam: *sarcastically* ...oh, you poor thing...
by No hate mail, please June 20, 2013
Japan is a country made up of a collection of islands in the Asian Pacific. It is a known world power, producing many things like cars, anime, and manga. Japan's culture is very unique, and it is expected that you follow it if you go there. Contrary to popular stereotype, not everyone in Japan likes anime and manga as much as people like to believe they do.
by Yuko Kojima September 26, 2013
just anohter pretty ass nigga
evan lee from berkeley is japan
by evan lee July 18, 2004
The best country in the world, seconded by Canada.
George: I went to Canada over summer vacation.

Tim: I went to Japan.

George: Damn it...
by SawronZXZ January 20, 2010
An East asian country famous for its technology, cars, pop culture and animations. Maintains a lively music culture. has a number of high quality merchandises which must be found among much of the garbage that also resonates from their companies. a once eastern nation it is now becoming increasingly westernized. responsible for many past atrocities and the world's leader in child porn. however they are not worse than america, they are just more known for it. a large amount of their negative qualities can be said to come from their forcede opening of borders by america and their westernization. they have alot of positive qualities and alot of negatives, like any other culture
Japan is a cool country.
by windscar1 December 09, 2004
A highly developed, extremely racist and xenophobic country with awesome food such as sushi and udon noodles, as well as a complex and highly interesting culture. Sadly, it is also home to retarded ultra-nationalistic fuckwits like risingsun who love to talk shit about other countries behind their computers.
Japan is pretty cool. Too bad it's home to fucktards like risingsun who'd probably get their asses whupped if they dared to say their shit in real life.
by rko25655 November 13, 2011
No boobs, great pastries, raw flesh on rice, incredible.
I went to japan. I loved the bread and they loved my big boobs.
by Polygraphing September 21, 2008

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