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Japan 4 is a meaningless term said in the movie Freddy Got Fingered by Tom Green. The term japan 4 is to be said while pointing at someones feet so they will look down or said when moving your hands in a confused manor.
Japan 4 *points down*

"Japan4, japan4" when you pretend to not speak english
by Jon Layman December 03, 2006
japan 4 is a word used to distract someone so that they look around and while distracted you run up and kick them in the groin. useable on males and females
JAPAN 4!!!!!*looking around distracted and the yeller kicks wildly at the groin*
by madman15320 April 05, 2011
something you say wilst pointing in a random direction, then when your victim looks you kick them in the balls
guy- japan 4 (points up)
by ttboi January 25, 2009
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