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Jean shorts that double as panties.
Damn those those woman's janties put daisy dukes to shame.
by Clemsongrad09 February 26, 2009
Ill, of bad health.
a) Overall body, explanation of nausea.
b) Assigned to a certain body party.
a) Person 1: "Oooh, I feel all janty, I don't think I'll go into work today."
Person 2: "I hope it's not catching."

b) Person 1: "My head's janty."
Person 2: "Maybe you're dehydrated."
by joezehh November 05, 2008
Jean + Panties = Janties
Jean shorts that are small and short enough to be underwear.
Shorts that aren't much larger than a pair of underwear
when the weather gets hot women start wearing their janties
by Michu123 May 01, 2011
creeper who takes pictures of sleeping girls on buses.
"Oh my God did you see that Janty on the tour buss!?"
by Jeremiah Abraham July 26, 2008

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