Short and funny.
That girl's so Janni she must hem all her pants.
by mf_rocks February 04, 2010
Top Definition
A name that fits for beautiful individuals. Known to have a great sense of humor and very lovable
Did you meet Janni ? She's such a beautiful and funny person. She's so lovable and kind
by Ms fruity July 06, 2011
The most brilliant, beautiful girl who was to ever walk the earth. The mere ground that she walks upon sprouts beautiful flowers in which life is able to thrive. She is more commonly known as an angel sent from heaven and is most of the time a blessing upon everyone she comes in contact with.

but if you happen to get on her bad side, she will destroy you.

by superman12165132132 July 22, 2009
adjective meaning tall and funny
that girl was very janni, i dont know how she finds trousers
by lovaaaaaaar January 08, 2009
One of TIM's best friends. Usually hangs around with the other fictive characters SIMON MARC GEYR MIRKO.
TIM: What's up JANNIS
JANNIS: Everything's just ..... fuyne.
by Timmey July 09, 2004
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