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a girl with the emotional capacity of a rock. she is most likely asian, and this name is rare. her personality is difficult to understand, but she can be extremely thoughtful. nice only to and especially harsh to the male species. her smiles are amazing, if you get to see them.
Have you met the gorgeous man hater?" "Nope, but she sounds like a Janny."
by makimaki January 22, 2011
Janny's are wonderful people! They are at times a little clumsy but that just adds to their beautiful nature. Janny's are artistic and work hard for what they believe in. Janny's tend to relate very well to animals and in particular horses. Janny's are good at many things but cooking is not always one of there strong points, beware of Janny disasters in the kitchen! Janny's have beautiful smiles but you need to earn them, They are very trusting but once you cross them don't turn back. Janny's are beautiful people inside and out! But they don't seem to realise it! They are very thoughtful and kind and make amazing lifelong friends if you happen to be so lucky!
See that Janny over there? She's so beautiful AND she doesn't even know it!
by BlaCk_Diam0ndz February 06, 2012
Jean shorts that hardly qualify as panties.
"Oh my god, is she really wearing jannies to school today?"
by stringymaria August 30, 2013
an abbreviation of the word "janitor" mainly used in the rural regions of Northern California
Bob: Are you working as a janny this summer?
Bill: Yes, I enjoy cleaning.
by B Kucz July 15, 2006

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