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Noun. Born in London in 1934. The woman who would devote her life not only to studying the chimpanzees of Gombe, Tanzania, but also to opening people's eyes to the fact that animals, too, have feelings and personalities. She thought nothing of giving names to the animals that she studied, something that was unheard of in her day. She observed the roots of what we would call "evil" in the chimps, as well as the love and affection that chimps have for their families and friends.

Known for her passionate but gentle style of activism and for her optimistic view of life, showing that we can all make a difference... because of this, her proper title would be "Our Lady of Hope".
Appreciative of the beauty and harmony of the natural world and of the animals, and determined to protect them, Jane Goodall is a true inspiration.
by Lorelili May 02, 2007
A white girl whom betrays her own tribe of peoples, giving her life, passion and reproductive potential over to that of the black tribe, or peoples.
Did you hear about Mary? Ever since she got into the whole rap thing she only dates black guys now. Word is, her father has a hit put out on her! Can you imagine if your very own daughter turned Jane Goodall on you? What a knife in the chest...
by adust99 October 17, 2007

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