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A dangerous looking Sri-Lankan geezer who basically invented Excel and is secretly Bill Gates' lovechild. He loves Skype, not having Burritos, watching Sri-Lankan adult entertainment on his amazing tablet and any form of numeracy. Also known as the one and only J-Dog.
"You aren't the coolest Sri-Lankan geezer in the world, that's Janaka!"

"I wish I was as cool as Janaka"

Bill Gates: "Have you met my secret lovechild Janaka?"

"Janaka is the original J-Dog"
by Quentin Tarquin February 19, 2013
A fat ass from Srilanka, believes in lifting heavy, yet looks like a bear.
Calls him J- dog and is scared of cats.
Allen- hey , have you seen my bear
Troy - you mean Janaka,
Allen- Ewe, he wish!
by Agent420 May 20, 2013