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A dangerous looking Sri-Lankan geezer who basically invented Excel and is secretly Bill Gates' lovechild. He loves Skype, not having Burritos, watching Sri-Lankan adult entertainment on his amazing tablet and any form of numeracy. Also known as the one and only J-Dog.
"You aren't the coolest Sri-Lankan geezer in the world, that's Janaka!"

"I wish I was as cool as Janaka"

Bill Gates: "Have you met my secret lovechild Janaka?"

"Janaka is the original J-Dog"
by Quentin Tarquin February 19, 2013
A fat ass from Srilanka, believes in lifting heavy, yet looks like a bear.
Calls him J- dog and is scared of cats.
Allen- hey , have you seen my bear
Troy - you mean Janaka,
Allen- Ewe, he wish!
by Agent420 May 20, 2013
Funny, awesome, a great friend in general, but can sometimes be annoying. He is short but quick and can burn you so bad that you go home wishing you hadn't gone to school.
Jackson: Janaka burned me so bad today!
Zane: Yeah hes funny, but he also gets on my nerves
by bvcfgtrfgvbcv January 14, 2016
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