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adj. describing a totally relaxing environment; a more extreme version of "chill"
"Were you at Jonathan's kickback yesterday?"
"Yea, it was jans"
by phung December 24, 2008
to act silly or to act a fool. someone who is hyper and crazy
Wow, that girl was so jan last night!
Look at that guy... what a jan
by ishma.is.jann October 30, 2010
The best girlfriend you could ever possibly want to have, or ask for. Although she'll probably try to leave you, and you'll probably try to leave her, you realize that nothing could be better, and you'd be an idiot to let her go. Also can mean; sexy, smart, funny, kind, loving, creative, amazing.
Girl: Hey did you see that really awesome chick over there?

Jan's Girlfriend: Oh yeah I did, she was totally a Jan!
by randall27 September 20, 2010
being super unfortunate. referring to the brady bunch
you're not hot marsha, you're not cute cindy, you're poor and unfortunate jan.

"today when i was walking in the hallway someone bumped into me then stepped on me. i'm so jan"
by unfortunate333333 December 07, 2011
Jan means Just Another Nigger. A code used when a nigger does something really stupid or evil.
The punk that beat up and robbed that 80 year old lady is only 12 years old. Hey Jan man.
by benth March 14, 2009
Jan is a dime but she loves pennies. She drives a sweet truck and has excellent taste in music.
Oh you ride in Jan's truck? Damn, she's a dime.
by wooWOO11 February 11, 2010
The white man's come back to the word "Jawn". Can be used to describe any other word in the english language.
"Yo man pass that jan over here", or "Hey, take a look at the ass on that jan over there."
by Johnnny Groh March 25, 2008