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The country Jamaica. Capital: Kingston
As in "Welcome to Jamrock" by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
by Lil Sweezy September 20, 2005
361 31
Slang name for the country of Jamica, take the jam and rock because it is an island
Paddy is from Jam rock
by Micheal Anthony Tantalo July 16, 2005
20 7
Web 2.0's definition of sleaze. To Jamrock is to make the most obvious, classless, unsubtle innuendos to questionable women you've likely met on Facebook. See: Desperate, pathetic, creep.
1. There isn't much that can turn my stomach on the Internet these days, but have you seen that guy Jamrock with that unfortunate woman?
2. Wow, I haven't seen such a desperate move at Jamrocking since 1999's days of "a/s/l bbz, wanna cyber?". What a loser.
by VegAntichrist October 19, 2013
3 4
an especially good song of any genre of music that one has a particular liking for.
I love that song, it's my jamrock
by jemimajones December 21, 2005
21 287