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Come hither my dear friend as we have much to accompish today.

Interchangable with: come on, comeon, comon, c'mon, cmon, GTFOH, and GOH
Carter, get off the stage!
Jamone Lee!
by David Hawaii April 25, 2007
The human beatbox. The greatest beatboxer ever. There will never be no greater.
Oh shit, check out Jam One!
by Sweetness666 September 13, 2006
Nickname of Dave the Sloth's imaginary girlfriend.
Chips: "When are you gunna know...jamone?"

Moz: "What's up Jamone?!?"
Chips: "Haha jamone!"

Moz: "YO! JAMONE!"

Moz: "(burps) JAMONE!"
by dm8828 December 17, 2010
form of shamone or shamon, only spelled and said a little differently
Jamone, bruthah!
by Ryland October 31, 2003
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