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Acronym for "Get the fuck out of here!" A term used to express disbelief. Usually preceded by OMG (Oh my God)
Person1: Yo, I's finally gots mah GED.
Person2: GTFOH! u serious?
by Gooberschnot October 28, 2003
Get the fuck out of here
This bitch had the nerve to touch my mother fucking hair do not touch my hair like gtfohbooty as hell
by Cammie _bae July 31, 2015

When someone presents to you an ignorant comment or statement, with lack of respect or substance, tell them to GTFOH!
by CaliAlleyCat July 13, 2011
abbreviation for "Get The Fuck Over Here!"
Aaron, its 1:00am, ive been waiting for two hours, so GTFOH!
by da becksta January 02, 2000
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