Somone who is good at what they do.
Girl is a jammer. She sucked 37 dicks!
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
Top Definition
A heart attack.
My old-man is in intensive care. He did too much blow and had a jammer last night.
by Coosit September 11, 2003
To simultaneously wank whilst taking a dump.
James had work in ten minutes so he had to have a 'jammer'
by fruitbasket** July 24, 2011
The point scoring position in rollerderby. she earns points by passing the opposing teams blockers.
Did you see Kill Basa whip Pain Austen past Desepticon? Man, Pain is one badass jammer.
by Pain Austen October 16, 2006
"packed", "crowded" or "jam packed". Used mainly in Ireland.
The train this morning was totally jammers! I think I'm going to walk to work from now on...
by Klarissa506 January 14, 2009
Irish Origin; means 'car'
Here lads check out my new 'Jammer'
by Donal June 01, 2004
Really Cool OC boobs
She had mad jammers. I just wanted to feel up her jammers all night.
by Peter O'Toole December 15, 2004
Jammers are a reference to awesome tits... Also, when the jammers in question are above standards it is acceptable to refer to them as "Quinton Jammers", an ode to the NFL player of no relevance whatsoever...
do you see the jammers on that chick??? Oh,yea but look at those Quinton Jammers coming thru the door??? OMG look at thos ejuicy momma's!!!
by jammerholic December 06, 2009
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