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The outer, front part of the thorax, or the front part of the body from the neck to the abdomen; chest: referring to a woman's breasts, under the precondition that they are large....and awesome.
Look at the jamjobs on that hose-hound.
I went from six to midnight when I saw those jamjobs.
I heard he went motor-boatin' on those jamjobs.
by Jamjobers September 06, 2009
1) A person or situation that is annoying or frustrating, like a moronic boss, a traffic jam, or a crowded bar. 2) In particular, a person you are dating who you go out with a few times to pass the time, but because they have certain frustrating tendencies you have no intention of seeing them long-term.
1) Upon entering crowded club: "We should get out of here. This is a jamjob." OR 2) M.R.: "So how was that guy you went out with last night? You going to see him again?" T.B: "Nah, he lives with his parents and he's a total jamjob."
by T. Bentley September 25, 2006
Like a blow job or hand job except it involves jam. Just dip the penis into your favourite jam (jelly works too) and then proceed with a job. A hand job is very sticky and makes a mess so this is best done blowie style.
"I gave my first jam job last night, I used strawberry"
by AlienAdultFilmsXXX March 12, 2014
when a man in a porno movie has to screw a woman quickly, without talking to her, or being pleasant to her
give that blonde a anal jamjob,the other actor went soft
by ernest sweigart May 23, 2008

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