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A jerk. A complete leech who does nothing but take what other people can give him. He may have an amazing voice but he's got the inner personality of a complete asshole. Girls will find him attractive, but let this be a warning to you: he's not worth your time, or anyone else's
I fell in love with a Jamison once, it was the last thing I ever did.
by Charlytte April 08, 2009
Literally meaning "son of James". Though originally a surname from Scotland and Ireland, Jamison is also used as a first name by parents who fear the name "James Jr." will doom their child to a career as a mechanic or garbage man (as is the fate of most "Juniors".) All men named Jamison have been found to be highly intelligent, funny, charming, classy, gorgeous and sexy as hell. Unfortunately they also have a mean streak and one should fear for their lives if they acquire any enemies named Jamison. He will kill you and bury you in the woods...then go screw your girlfriend.
Jamison is amazing. Enough said.
by JadedJay July 10, 2008
The most awesome bad ass mother fucker any one person could hope to have as a friend. Be aware if he does not know you because most likely he will con, jip, or hustle you out of any money left in your piggy bank or even life savings. Any person named Jamison is is exponentially the most charming, sexy, intelligent, most hilarious individual another could ever meet.
RICK: Dude Jamison is totally bad ass.

ASHLEY: And hes one sexy mofo.
by iBurn420 April 17, 2009
A small, upper-class, town in Pennsylvania, in between Doylestown and Warrington. There's absolutely nothing to do here and no outsiders have heard of it.
I live in Jamison, PA, and there's nothing to do here.
by blondie123456 August 02, 2009
A man that is easy to fall for and hard to forget. A man that chooses to stay with a low woman not worth his time. A man that thinks he can lie, but gets caught by that smart woman. A man that in the end get much less than he deserves. A man that needs to wake up and see what a perfect girl he can have right in front of him. A man that "has" a woman, but wants to fuck other girls. A man that girls love. A man that breaks heart. A man that doesn't see what he is doing to the other.
I fell in love with Jamison, and it is the worst mistake of my life.
by RABitM July 18, 2009
Jamison is an amazing guy. A life saver. When you feel as if there is no point to living any more, he will sweep in and give you hope. He'll make you feel special.
Jamison is the most amazing guy I have ever met.
by lovedbysomeone October 18, 2013
A really sweet, nice, and athletic guy. He is also very funny and is fun to be around. Be careful around him, he will easily steal your heart.
Aww look it's Jamison! He steals my heart every time I see him.
by thatamazinglyawesomeperson October 18, 2013