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A confusing, charming, extremely smart, artistic, gorgeous guy who will sweep you off your feet and then throw you on the ground. He'll never tell you if he wants you or if he doesn't. He's a sweet guy and a great friend but he'll never put as much into a relationship/friendship as you do. He knows what he wants and what he's capable of getting, but he doesn't realize when he hurts people. In a way, he doesn't care, no matter how badly you want him to. He'll make you laugh harder than ever and you'll be bestfriends for a month and then things will suddenly change. He'll talk to you less, spend less time with you, etc., but then the cycle repeats itself, and you're closer than ever again. You don't want to get in a fight with him, because he'll just turn it around on you. He's clever enough to get away with it, too. Don't fall for him, because you'll never get over him, no matter how hard you try. He's an asshole sometimes, but you'll never forget him and never stop being his friend. In the end, he's always going to be there for you, you just can't give up. He's a great guy.
Is your name Jamison cause you're really funny?!
by littlekittens000 April 11, 2011
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