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Jamia Nestor - (Jay•Mee•Aah Nehst•Orr)
Jamia Nestor is quite possibly the luckiest girl of all time. Though there is controversy, most people say she is married to My Chemical Romance's guitarist, Frank Iero. Contrary to popular belief, she is most certainly good enough for him if she makes him happy. Teeniebopper fangirls must learn to accept that, or I will eat their brain. Like, now.
Me: So, Frank's like married now. You know that, right.
Best Friend: Yeah. Her name's like, Jamia or something?
Me: Jamia Nestor. Yeah, she's pretty.
Best Friend: He's happy. That's great. Good for him.
Me: ... you just died a little inside, didn't you?
Best Friend: In a gorey, painful sort of way.
by Tara McGowan-Ross November 26, 2006
The fiance of Frank Iero, guitarist of My Chemical Romance.

Frank has said in interviews they will be married in March.

Jamia prn Juh-me-uh] is the co-owner of the record//clothing label Skeleton//Crew.

She and Frank have been dating since highschool.
Teenybopper: z0mGzZ lyk i h8 dat gurl Jamiea. shez stealin my man Frank Lero!!11!1!1!!!!!eleven!!11!!!

Real Fan: Fuck off. He's not yours and will never be. He and Jamia Nestor are happily engaged.
by Cait. August 19, 2007
Jamia Nestor is the now-wife of Frank Iero, the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for the Jersey band My Chemical Romance.

Jamia, along with Frank, runs Skeleton Crew clothing, recording, publishing, etc; she's mostly behind the scenes, but she does more for her company than most people think.

She's better than you, probably.
Hey, who's that hotass that Frank Iero is married to?
Oh, her name's Jamia Nestor. She's better than you.
by notsosweet May 25, 2008
Jamia Nestor is the wife of Frank Iero, who is in the bands Leathermouth and My Chemical Romance. She co-owns Skeleton Crew with him. They got married on the 9th of March 2008. She is quite pretty, although the dress she chose for that day didn't do her much justice.
Me: Ok, it's offficial. The Shining is not scary. WTF do we do now?
My Gerard Way obsessed friend: Let's watch The Black Parade is Dead!
Me: I'd rather not. I think MCR suck now. I like MSI and Gallows and Hadouken! and Does it Offend You, Yeah? and The Birthday Massacre now.
My Gerard Way obsessed friend: *goes all emo*
Me: oh... FINE.
(hour later)
Me: Frank is so hot! I can't believe he's married. Jamia Nestor is the luckiest person ever!
My Gerard Way obsessed friend: Ha!
Me:...fuck you.
My Gerard Way obsessed friend: awwwwww...
by you_just_don't_get_it. August 07, 2008
The gorgeous wife of Frank Iero, backup guitar and vocals in my chemical romance, Nestor is her maiden name. She works for his clothing line skeleton crew. Is possibly expecting his baby.
Jamia Nestor is married to Frank Iero. This doesn't really need an eg but oh well
by banzy July 15, 2006
The wife of Frank Iero, rhythm guitar and back-up vocals in my chemical romance, She married him on the set of the 'ghost of you' video. She is expecting his baby. She works for his clothing company: Skeleton Crew
Teenie mcr fan: Noooo, they are so not right for each other. He is too good for her, if i could meet him he'd leave her and be with me. Jamia Nestor MUST die. I'm gonna have his babies.

Me: Errr no your not, fuck off
by BabyBanz July 23, 2006
The somewhat evil wife of Frank Iero, who is the youngest member of My Chemical Romance. Frank is delicious. Jamia is envied by young girls all over the country.
Person 1: I wish I was Jamia Nestor.
Person 2: She's pretty, and she has the most gorgeous husband of all time.
by LlamaHead August 17, 2006
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