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Sexy, confident and most known for teasing boys she gets them. Has a booty and loves to shake it. Usually exotic and a blend of the minx and the cute girl.
Jamia is the girl that the guys are always secretly looking at while they talk to other girls
by butterfly02 August 23, 2011
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A girl with cat like eyes thats surrounded with color( usually hazel, grey,light brown or green). Sweet, Intelligent,Shy,Innocent,Trustworthy,and Creative. Loves to twerk in front of her mirror whenever shes alone. She's a true geniune person but dont her good qualities can be deceiving if you do something shady. She can either be a great friend or foe.....
That was mess up how Matt diss my friend but thats okay. Jamia is nothing nice when she gets mad.
by Mocha Frappe January 22, 2015
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The girlfriend, not wife contrary to populare belife, of My Chemical Romance rhythem guitarist, Frank Iero. Her boyfriend is also the throat portion of the upcoming band Leathermouth and former vocals of the band Pency Prep. She holds an eerie resemblance to her boyfriend. Hazel eyes, dark brown hair, around 5'4 and not pregnant. Whether or not she is good enough for him, only he can decide.
Me aka fangirl so suck it: What Frankie has a girlfriend...and her name is Jamia?
F*ckers who think that they're better than me: Get a life you never had a chance so shut the f*ck up!
Me: Guess who deosn't care about what you all think. I have a crush on the man, so what. Guess who screams the loudest when he preforms...aka guess who he hears and who makes him smile.
F*ckers:...your still a loser.
Me: Thank you.
by Danae Harrington January 16, 2008
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