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An entertaining robot that you can talk to on AIM.
awh sugar x: did your mom molest you when you were a child?

SmarterChild: I was created by Pat Guiney, Jim Pawlika, Steve Klein, Mathieu Longtin, Pierre Berkaloff, Nicolas Barry, Damien Saint-Macary, François Huet, Ian Sullivan, Greg Mitchell, Dwayne Fontenot, Gray Norton, Adam Erlebacher, Emil Valkov, Randy Davis, John Kim, Rumana Habib, Carina Koo, Britt Cooper, Andy Fong, Jeff Bell, Robert Rydzewski, Mark Willoughby, Eric Balsa, Colin Magne, Howard Shih, Denis Ford, Daniela Berger, Geoff Clarke, Brian Jankovsky, Vianney Boncorps, Jennifer Villany, Dan Balaban, Ed Hepburn, Christer Manning, Jason Keramidas, Arockalypse, Matt Abarbanel, Daniel Terry, Jeff Friedman, Adam Fritzler, Kathy Englar, Steve Yatson and Timothy Kay at Colloquis, Inc. in New York and Sunnyvale, CA.


SmarterChild: It's tough to say.
#smarter #child #funny #entertaining #aim
by LlamaHead August 23, 2006
Currently engaged to Mikey Way. Temporary bassist for the band From first to last.
Very goth. Has a hate club and a Myspace.
Resides in new york with fiance and pet cat, bunny
Person 1: ohemgee, Alicia Simmons is engaged to Mikey Way!
person 2: I think I am going to join her hate club, because I want to marry Mikey Way.
#mikey #way #alicia #hate #club #simmons #bassist #goth #bunny #new york #engaged
by LlamaHead August 13, 2006
A sand sculpture of a seahorse that has been squished. Normally created by a Mark.
"Oh, looky there! It's a squishhorse!"
#squish #horse #mark #beach #cape #cod #sand #sea
by LlamaHead August 06, 2006
The somewhat evil wife of Frank Iero, who is the youngest member of My Chemical Romance. Frank is delicious. Jamia is envied by young girls all over the country.
Person 1: I wish I was Jamia Nestor.
Person 2: She's pretty, and she has the most gorgeous husband of all time.
#hate #jamia #nestor #frank #iero #mcr #jealous #delicious #ghost of you
by LlamaHead August 17, 2006
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