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one hot bitch.

Loves Cowboys
Look at that chicka
she must be a Jamee
by JustinaDanis August 15, 2008
Jamee is a beautiful girl, she's smart, funny and a great friend. Jamee can kick some ass when she needs to, she wins every fight she gets in and doesn't back down.
Jamee is a great girl who is an amazing girlfriend, she's always honest with people.
If you piss Jamee off or get on her bad side though, she can be a bit of a bitch, but she won't say things behind your back.
Guy 1: Who IS that girl ?
Guy 2: She's so beautiful !
Girl: That's my best friend Jamee, form a line.
by Sapphirerage November 30, 2011
another word like jammies: a "cooler" word for pajamas
your jamees look hot
by Harry2o April 23, 2006
(verb)someone pretty, yet can act like a douche. Typicaly a hoe, yet can perform well under pressure.;) A girl that sucks leahs fat cock!
That jamee is suck a hoe she totally sucked leah's fat cock last night and boy did she look pretty doing it.
by leah christina July 24, 2008

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