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The french word for Ham
Person 1: Qu'est ce que tu veux?
Person 2: J'ai voudrais le jambon avec le fromage.

Person 1: What do you want?
Person2: I want ham and cheese...
by get it right 101 July 05, 2006
To appropriate random objects or ideas and mash together in an 'artistic' manner.
Person 1: "hey guys, i've got a chair."
Person 2: "cool, i've got a potato peeler."
Person 1: "amazing, let's Jambon."
(after a brief period of 'artistic' action)
Person 1: "wow, that potato peeler looks awesome on top of that chair."
Person 2: "I know, it's such a Jambon!"
Person 1: "Let's Jambon again some time.. Next time lets use some expandable foam."
by angeferguson March 18, 2011
Limp, cowardly or particularly lame individual. A non-homophobic substitute for “gay.”
He told the teacher I cheated on my homework to try impress her. What a jambon.

He is such a jambon.
by greendown September 21, 2010
Fat girl in a miniskirt and no tights! (Legs)
Look at the jambons on that
by Countess January 16, 2004
Man who likes ham and will do anything to fill his face with it- typically seen lurking around pig farms and supermarket back alleys looking for any scraps.
Did you see Marshall last night- he was so busy being a jambon that he didn't notice all loose women trying play with his earthworm.
by Max Meadway August 06, 2007
word with many meanings such as hello, good bye, yes or no (depends on tone)
you: oh not much


ME: you go to the detah from above concert??
you: jambon
me thats cool
by kyle April 05, 2005
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