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A beautiful creature spawned from the mouth of Dani Filth in the year 1990. Often referred to as "starfish" or "beautifulest person in the world."

Incredible guitarist and bassist
small things, but always has a legitimate reason to back up the emotions.

One of those people who rarely shows happiness but is always perfectly content with the life he has.
God to some
Human to others
The most important thing
I'm in love with one...
That Jakery is very strange
Will you help me move this Jakery?
It's not just a Jake, it's a Jakery!
by ItsasecretxD March 18, 2010
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trickery in wow terms a rouge if a persons name is jakery they r a trickster or annouying
dude that persons totally a jakery
by jkaeryii@nazgrel February 03, 2010
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