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1) To hurl an insult but to have that very insult twisted back at you in a way to be more damaging than the original insult.

2) Something that can be completely twisted back and used as a point of insult against the original speaker.
Person 1: This fan blows really well.
<Jakeism>Person 2: Yeah it blows about as well as your mom did last night.
by slavefortheman1980 May 19, 2016
An action or event that is characterized by a person becoming infuriated with said action, and quitting like a bitch immediately.

Also, an action that is characterized by extreme boasting and/or insulting.
"Dude, you rage-quit from LoL games all the time, what a Jakeism."

"You don't have to be the best at everything, no need to pull a Jakeism."

"That guy is always bragging, his Jakeisms are too much for me."
#jake #jakeism #lol #ragequit #boast
by Dunkypoo March 07, 2012
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