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A Jaiman is a mammal of Greater London area but can be found migrating further north as far as Nottingham, but has found a second home in the town known as Chaventry. It is famous for its incredible ability to memorise complicated mathematical formulae. A talent of laughing at inopportune times is characteristic, as is the ability to say inappropriate things within earshot of the intended bitchee. It is minute in stature but gigantic in heart and mimics the movements of the common jackrabbit when mating (with itself or with a hoard of human females). It's preferred mate is an elegant, secretive female who must understand the use of the phrase "oh my days" in all of it's connotations.

Warning! If humans come into contact with a Jaiman that has a) not slept well, or b) is very hungry, they MUST provide food and/or a very comfortable sleeping area where it will proceed to take a monumental amount of time to finish it's meal and snore extremely loud. Especially after it's limit of three mildly alcoholic beverages.
Has pert breasts like a Jaiman.

Is cranky as a Jaiman.

Can make fast Jaimanesque self-love.

Can snore like a Jaiman.

Jaiman, sometimes known in the wild as Jai, J, J-Jonah Jaimanson.

Memorise this like a Jaiman
by OhMyDays2010 February 08, 2010