Insane and irreparable damage to one's asshole. Mostly likely to occur in jail, from a huge black man named Bubba with his massive black dick.
Bubba: I'm about to give you a Jailhouse C-Section, prepare your asshole.

Max: What are you going to do to me?!

Bubba: Ask Jeff and Adam, they know all about it.
by SSuresh November 03, 2012
There's a Bubba in jail nailing ya and got nothing you can do about it, just huge black dick, you know what you can call that? You call it a jailhouse C-section
"I'm about to give you a jailhouse c-section"-NovaWar
by Warfrog November 03, 2012
Stitched up tear in one's asshole
""I'm about to give you a jailhouse c-section."
And you are instantly terrified."
by TheBestKindOfFig November 03, 2012
When a large man in a prison molests someone and causes tearing in the anus
Bubba: Ima give you a jailhouse c-section

Other Guy: No, Please No *places hands over anus*
by LagTV November 03, 2012
When a large inmate from state prison tears his victim a new hole with his enormous penis, but the victim manages to get the hole stitched up with surgery. Credit for this definition go to NovaWar from LAGTV
Big Bubba hulked over his roomate and told him "Imma give you a jailhouse C-section, com'here boi!
by Mr. Jurrrezzi November 03, 2012
Anal rape in jail. (Originated from LAGTV)
You better keep clean. You don't know what it's like to get a jailhouse C-section.
by ImaSquid November 03, 2012
While in jail, a maximus black D is inserted into the anus of the jail mate and tears the bottom of the anus to the testicular region and will require stitching.
Joe:"Yo Bubba raped my ass so bad that it tore and I had to get stitches."

Jeff:"Damn sounds like he gave you a Jailhouse C-section."
by TheLegendofAustin November 03, 2012
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