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A image of perfection girl who usually looks the best in a crowd
Dang Boy Look at that Jaida
by Matt221 December 30, 2007
An amazing girl, known to be crazy and rambunctious. Only the best of the best can afford a Jaida, since they are so powerful.
Guy: Hey! That's a Jaida.

Girl: I wish I was a Jaida

Guy: Too bad!
by Imma bee thats black n yellow August 12, 2011
Jaida is a name that means shy, crazy, sometimes dramatic, mysterious, trustworthy, weird, loud, beautiful, and intelligent. She works hard for what she wants. This person somehow ends up with the unthinkable nicknames and never fails to archive her goals in life.
Jaida- has the most unthinkable nicknames
by Anonymous 332 May 10, 2015
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