A very underrated compary from 1999 to around 2007. Produced a hugely popular game with minimal cost. Unfortunately, they fell to the old addage: "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely."

In the final months of 2007 Jagex went on a power trip. They tried to control prices and got rid of the one truely great aspect of the game, PKing.

They claimed it was to "save the game", but, in the process ruined it for most everyone who played. eg. Ruinedscape
Person 1, June 2004: Yeah, I really liked Runescape, cheap and fun. PKing is great and easy to finace by Merchanting.

Person 1,January 2008: Well, Jagex went on a power trip and ruined their own creation. Killed merchanting as well as PKing. I have stopped playing, like thousands of others, in the wake.
by Epic Xenon March 02, 2008
Pronounced 'Fag-sex'

A british company that sucks horribly when they destroyed runescape.
OMG you heard about 'Jagex?' They took out the wild. What fags!
by Ixvvxi March 27, 2008
a company which has brought us the game called Runescape, which contrary to most n00bs' ideas, is quite good when you get better. Although many people bitch about bad service, it's your fault for trying to fight a lvl. 92 with full dragon armor and weapons, not the game's
Runescape has too many noobs, although i am not that high myself
by Qwexome March 26, 2005
Makers of a great game, that treat their customers like shit, Sometimes banning players for no reason whatsoever.
Player1: I got banned by FAGEX (Jagex)
Player2: I didn't multi-login!
PLayer3: y is jagex so gai
by Anhabra February 10, 2006
A Communist organisation, blamed for producing RuneScape. Founded in 1997 by Andrew Gower, in order to test Communism for use in the real world.
Jagex:...After all, it's hardly fair to give players an advantage for investing their time and money, is it?

Player: I dunno. Lol that guy has brown hair! What a loser. *Scratches anus*
by Pighouse January 13, 2009
synonyms: Fagex, Jablex, Jafex, The Guys Who Banned My Account

noun: A highly successful company bent on taking over the world. Jagex' primary goal is to document the effects of a communist, totalitarian government on a large mass of people (an average of 100,000 playing RuneScape at any given time). Jagex takes pride in their famed censorship enforcement as well as their multitude of corrupt Player Moderators, simply made Player Moderators because they demonstrate how to follow the rules (and gave MMG head). Andrew Gower, founder of Jagex, is a highly accomplished Marxist Game Developer as well as the 363rd richest person in the United Kingdom. He is also famous for having a neck resembling that of an iguana.

verb: To Jagex means to fill one's day, facebook wall, or blog, or life with many pointless updates aimed to generate a highly negative response.

adjective: Something that is Jagex is something either related to internet trolling, the act of quiffing, or the gay porn industry.
A typical RuneScape coversation:
Mike - Hey dud* where can I find ****** *a****s*?
Peter - Yeah I ***** a **c** with **** yesterday ******t* lumbridge tutor **** with a ********* pot of ******** *** ***** fun.
Johnny - You have to be at least 13 to play RuneScape?!
Pmod - All banned for excessive use of offensive language. But if you apologize I might mute you to make the game even more pointless and piss you off. Viva Jagex and Lenin!
by Kaio Ken X4 April 27, 2010
Jagex or fagex is the number one communistic videogame companies on the market to date. The cocksucker who founded this heaping piece of shit into existence is none other than that slob of a fuck Andrew Gower.Jagex has the most useless account retrieval process and with they had a better grasp on how much they actually care about their customers. Jagex by far win's this round as their entire system is the bane of the world. Do not play games made by Jagex or you'll lose at least 12 years of your life span. Their is a study being done that people who tend to play games by Jagex are more likely to get fucked over one way or another by the dipfucks.
This company sucks so many dicks on a large scale, anybody you ask would say, "Oh, you must be talking about Jagex, they can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!".

Jagex does some serious sucking!
by learningisforthebest February 04, 2014

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