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Fagex is a combaniation of 2 words: "Fag" and "Jagex"
Jagex is the corporation that watches over the game "Runescape" (an MMORPG)
The word Fagex is used when you are angry on Jagex when: there are game updates that u don't like, you are banned from the game, or when you are just mad at them.
OMG stupid Fagex banned me for no reason!
by BsMark August 03, 2006
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Fagex is the name of a cheating site with scar scripts and other similar things for runescape, a massive online roleplaying game. Scar stands for sh*te compared to autorune. Scar is a scriptable macro program and detects colours in the game client. - runescape cheating and sharez
by mtd August 14, 2006

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