Jagex or fagex is the number one communistic videogame companies on the market to date. The cocksucker who founded this heaping piece of shit into existence is none other than that slob of a fuck Andrew Gower.Jagex has the most useless account retrieval process and with they had a better grasp on how much they actually care about their customers. Jagex by far win's this round as their entire system is the bane of the world. Do not play games made by Jagex or you'll lose at least 12 years of your life span. Their is a study being done that people who tend to play games by Jagex are more likely to get fucked over one way or another by the dipfucks.
This company sucks so many dicks on a large scale, anybody you ask would say, "Oh, you must be talking about Jagex, they can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!".

Jagex does some serious sucking!
by learningisforthebest February 04, 2014
A company associated with being unfair, making life hard, and generally being gay 24/7 to users across the globe.
Jagex are so damn gay!
by Pyro August 07, 2004
been playing thier game runescape now for a couple of years and its the gayest piece of shitfuck bullshit around, dont even think about playin it, itll fuck ur life :)
jagex is a faggot ass corperation and if i were the fuckn owner id stick a pistol down my throat if i wasnt such a sick perverted fuck
by feret June 17, 2006
Created by a sick perveted fuck named Andrew Gower. He couldn't keep his dick in his pants so next thing he knew, he had a kid named Paul Gower. Now they both sit at their computers all day playing runescape because they cant help their little penuses.
Look its the owner of Jagex Ltd. Andrew, he must have a dick in a loop!
by Ricochet Sky February 23, 2005
A company that made the game RuneScape
This game is the game with the most cheaters in it
Cheats 4 life
by mOO March 08, 2004

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