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Last name of the jager Family, a family from europe, who's origins can be traced back to royalty in Mid-evil times
by -Genesis July 15, 2008
17 56
jager is originally a german word meaning "yack," or throw up intensly. it is commonly assossiated with the word "meister" which is translated to the word "master." there is a drink named after these two words called "jagermeister." when this word is translated it means "the yack master." the name was created because this drink is known to cause people drinking it to lose all knowledge of the rest of the night and wake up with throw up all over themselves and anything else in the house/apartment/playground/etc. anyone who drinks the beverage will instantly become "a yack master" or "throw up master." anything done under the influence of the drink is justifiable by simply saying: "i had a jager night..." (see "jager night.")
dude, that smell is gonna make me jager all over the place.

if i jager any more i think im seriously gonna die.
by steve_insane July 11, 2008
23 73
The real defenition of jager is it is used to keep your stomach settled when drinking alot. Ive been to germany and germans drink so much while they eat and after that if they did not drink jager before they drink they would get severly sick and get alcohol poisoning.And so they have one shot before and they can drink as much as they want!!!
I had a shot jager and drank all i want without getting sick!
by Philip Galamore February 04, 2007
21 87
Beautiful women by appearance only.
The best thing about living in a college town is all the jager.
by Mizike July 04, 2003
12 174