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The act of inserting stuff to your penis' pee hole to experience sexual pleasure. This could be fingers, pencils, dildos or other suitable objects
John's penis was still sore from all the jaffing he had been doing yesterday.
by Wingster February 13, 2008
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Laughing and masturbating at the same time, and then ejaculation occurs.
Man, last night's jaffing was the bomb!
by OG BR4D January 29, 2015
joking, kidding. An expression of disbelief.
1: You know I'm going out with (popular kid)
2: Nah mate! You're jaffing me!
by 4John February 12, 2011
(v) see jaff

To masturbate
I entered the locker-room to see all the 2nd XI jaffing over my gym shorts. Kewl!
by Kitty Clicker March 25, 2004

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