a dumb stuck up bitch, fame has gotten to her little slutty head, all she'll do is use you then fuck you over like you're the shit on her shoes.
that girl is sucha prostitute!

that girl is sucha jade
by hhljnf July 15, 2010
A cheap slutty whore that only gives a shit about herself and screws everything with a penis.. And also a backstabing 2 timing 2 faced bitch!
Did yu hear what jade did to her "bestie"
She had sex with the brother..

Jade cheated on me with 7 guys..
by fullbar November 25, 2010
that a complete babe, whos knickers you want in
mmmh... look at her, what a jade!
by conor_ September 14, 2007
verb. To pour Hypnotiq all over your partners naked body and then lick it off while stimulating your partner's sensual areas with your tongue.
Licking hypnotiq off of someone's titties, penis or twat. Ass jading is not recommended (Hypno and ass juice do not mix well).
1. After we jaded, her titties were all sticky and smelled like Hypno for like three days.

2. Kate couldnt believe that her friend let me jade her.

by Dirt Bag September 19, 2007
Usually a beautiful girl on the outside but completely ugly on the inside. Usually just care's for themselves and uses people to get ahead in life. Not a reliable friend. Very nice at first but as time passes she will show her true colors. If she finds some one better than you she will drop you.
"Jade just dropped me off the face of the planet"


"Because she made a new friend with money"
by 'Merica Gurl February 25, 2013
A jade is a person who is popular and very rude they will pretend to be your friend but then stab you in the back they are not very smart and will do anything to annoy you so a jade is someone you want to stay away from
friend:I talked to someone yesterday
Me: who?
Friend: jade
Me: oh no stay away from her she's such a jade
by Ryah Lynn March 25, 2013
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