A god like creature. They are full beauty and Joy. No one is as fantastic as a Jacy.
Whoa check out Jacy! She's amazing.
by Macay August 13, 2012
Top Definition
to be amazing and beautiful, goddess-like, and normally having a ghetto booty. perfect
I wish I was as Jacy as Jennifer Lopez
by George Watson Lanham June 13, 2008
A really beautiful girl, perfect the way she is. She's a total boss. She's the greatest person for anyone to know. She loves whoever she wants and loves her jrod very much.
Jared: Dude, check out that Jacy.
Zac: I know dude, she's so sexy.
by King of awesomeness and 420 December 06, 2011
Jacy is short for the Brazilian male name "Jacimar," commonly confused with a girl's name, but is actually a very masculine person. He may or may not have huge muscles, but regardless he always looks good. He dresses himself very well and respects his parents. He is not as big on sports as most guys, but he is still a fan. Jacy is very intellegent and loves to show it off, but he is also a huge procrastinator and does not like work.

Romantically he is AMAZING, a very good boyfriend. He would love a long-term girlfriend but is very scared of commitment for fear of being let down again. But he is a great catch, very sweet, caring and loving. I love my rare Jacy
The name Jacy is pretty weird, but he's pretty cute.
by happyfaceday June 11, 2011
being an absolute psychotic, narcissistic, jersey shore wanna be when you have reached an age of which you should act like a mature reasonable adult. Most commonly found among older women who party more then they should.
Can you believe my ex girlfriend last night she was being such a Jacy!
by Dras5Hat July 30, 2012
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