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An extraordinarily beautiful lady.
She is talented, beautiful, and perfect in every way.
Very generous, amazing friend, and great personality.
Words cannot describe how much this chicky is loved,
Everyone should look up to Jacquelyn. Great role model.
by Anonymous:: September 15, 2008
The most awesome girl you will ever meet. The girl that when you meet her, you want to hookup with her AND marry her. Always keeps it classy, while still being flirty and fun. Jacquelyn's are a special breed of women and definitely know what they want. If you are fortunate to become friends with one, consider yourself lucky. Jacquelyn's are very independent and know that they can have any man they want. Awesome friends to all their friends and very nice, caring people. Always beautiful and funny and upbeat and cute and sexy and amazing all around! Basically the greatest people in the world.
You hooked up with Jacquelyn? Bro, you're a legend!

Jacquelyn is like my best friend. She's always got my back and is so nice all the time.
by may5475 October 24, 2012
a fine piece of hooooo
that chick is a jacquelyn
by haleyyy___ December 25, 2007