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To lead someone on. Pretending you have interest/feelings for them when in actuality you don't.
Jack Jack'd the daylights out of her and she's still in recovery.
by The Oppa's Club June 07, 2013
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Slang for Jack Daniels
Let's split a bottle jack d
by GyldenD December 04, 2006
A gay dating app for men. Used by gay/bi guys for; hooking up with other men, men looking to date and/or looking for relationships with other men.
Ladies, if you go thru your man's phone, an he got an app called Jack'd on his phone, yo dude is gay/bi
by King_Ra187 March 09, 2016
A slang expression for the Jack Daniels whiskey.
"Jezz.. i drank a whole bottle Jack D yesterday at the club.. damn i was gone for the rest of the night.."
by mtd- February 18, 2006

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