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To talk to females, to gain sexual favor, or a phone number.
Look at Todd jabbin' at these hoes.
by francois beaterman-jones XIII September 15, 2010
To get sex....jabbins said like (:ja-bins)
boy1:-"hey man"


boy1:-"i got my jabbins last night it was rad."

mum:-"hope you wore a willy hat?"
by Gavlarr April 09, 2010
Talking smack about other people's business.
He was outside jabbin' about my boy's business.
by .Erin. January 05, 2006
Jabbing or jabbin' is when a guy rolls over in the morning and attempts to wake up the sexy piece of ass beside him by repeatedly poking her with his boner. It's a fun way to coax a girl, or boy, into another round of last night's torrid interaction -- or finish business Monsieur Whiskey Dick may have put a stop to. (A popular strategy and perhaps your last chance to part ways with a fair to moderate sexual reputaion).

Jabbin: Best used with a connotation to one-night-stands, often used by men in a stale marriage, always used in reference to morning wood and currently leading Folgers in the polls for 'best part of waking up'.
I woke up with prime morning wood so started jabbin' on this chicks butt - just poking around, ya know - and she rolled over with a smile!
by sensuousDilJob September 27, 2012
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