A faggit who thinks he is both 2pac and DMX, always trys to copy them, also in a rival with Dr.Dre, 50 cent & G-Unit, Eminem, Obie Trice, D12, DMX, Busta Rhymes, MC Mount B and Mizzle Gizzle for this reason. Also about 7 years ago Ja Rule had an argument with 50 Cent in the club, and his friends stabbed and shot 50 cent
Ja Rule deserves to fuckin die
by B-Mount February 15, 2004
See Frog.
Hey look, it's Kermit!
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
a talented rapper who everyone suddenly has beef with because 50 does.
get off 50's nuts and listen to the lyrics not what some lame ass rapper tells you to listen to
by get off me March 31, 2005
a real gangsta rapper unlike the fake ass bitch 50 who talk alot shit of about him but also has an restraning order on him he calls him pussy and wanksta but what happened when he stabbed his ass its murda bitch
real gangsta rappper bitch murda
by ray March 09, 2005
a mutha fucka with his brain full of crap, he don't know rap but he thought he know that, he should wear a cap on his head coz he's a butthead, everybody want to kick his ass.
Fuck ja rule!
by methodist call nage March 05, 2004
"WHERE would I be w/ out you?" You fucking stupid ass brits.that first entry was really fuckin stupid
Ja rule of da game is, don't stop nigga hit if, I would,
by Maffew July 12, 2003
he's madhhafuckin pussy.See Hail Mary
you aint a killa you a pussy.
by daBlueMelody May 23, 2004

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