Ja Rule is nothing but a poser. In the early 2000's he tried to be like 50 Cent and Tupac but failed. He is nothing without Ashanti and is only Irv Gotti's little puppet. He's gone now, probably dead.
Me in 2000: Yo Ja Rule is SOO fucking gay!

Me today: Where the hell is Ja Rule? Oh right he hanged himself shame
by DizzyLizzy June 19, 2006
Ja Ruel i$teh sh1t d00d!111111 h3 s0 getto!11 bestiest ropperr eveirrr!11112232452502

HAHA, yeah right...

He's a whack ass, monkey looking pop singer. 'Nuff said..
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
The best damn rapper around. He can own 50 Cent to pieces in a matter of seconds. 50 Cent can't sing and is the next Rebecca Black. Ja Rule can out-rap 50 Cent any day of the year, and that's just a cold hard fact. Ja Rule is the king of hip-hop and he is God.
Yo, I heard 50 Cent's new song, "Outlaw." It would be so much better if Ja Rule was in it.
by your email cant be blank yo June 23, 2011
ya'll are all little fucking pussies who go and post things on the internet about people u don;t even know becuase u are insecure and realize that u aren't ever going to be anyone so u suck 50 cents dick becuase u and him make fun of ja together and 50 cent probably got the GAME to shoot him and 50 shot the GAME
i don't like Ja rule but i can say shut the fuck up about him
faggot#1 he man ja is gay
person#1 fuck u dude u don't even know him
by anonymous April 05, 2005
Cock Bitch, Punk Faggot
Anything that has a big mouth that is only satisfied with a cock in it.
by Geoffrey Atkins February 24, 2005
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