1.) A punk ass motha fucka that relys on ashanti to sell records.

2.) a mock-aveli that copys tupac and dmx and thinks no1 notices, 3 words for ja rule, doe ray me, a song of d12 n obie that rips in2 ja rule.
Hailie Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?

Eminem No honey you guys are the same size
by realestni99a4eva April 30, 2005
Angry, midgit black man with torrits syndrome causing him to randomly yell things such as "hollllllllllah" & "it's muuuuuuuuurdah". Known to do duets with fat asses latino woman and black woman with speech inpediments. see J Lo & Ashanti.
Did you see that crazy black midgit who had been sniffing glue yelling weird shit?
Yeah, he was all Ja Rule n shit.
by Blair January 14, 2005
well ja rule has a head shaped like a peanut so..............
well its not really a definition, its just that jaaaaaaaaaa rule is a dick
by stevie " the skill" July 22, 2003
A seemingly unintelligent 'gangsta rapper'... suffice to say a Tupac wannabe. This can be seen in the type and position of the tatoos on his body, and his hair style, among other things. Thinks he is a really good rapper and all-round tough guy, but then again has been accused of taking too much ecstasy, looking like a 'peanut-man', singing and acting like a trick, and of course allowing himself to be extorted...Twice. Also known to have really rubbish flows. Therefore doesn't really qualify as a rapper, let alone a gangsta rapper, especially if he keeps having an air around him of one who is the greatest^o. A status which as the general consensus of reality goes, he is NOWHERE close to reaching.

P.S. No personal vendetta against him or Ashanti Douglas(see example below)
Rap fan #1-"Ja-rule has another ghetto love song"
Rap fan #2-"So what else is new? He didn't do another song with Ashanti did he?!"

Ja-rule dissed Em in a song... well tried to, but sort of lost it when he quoted beyoncé in the same song.
by P.K.T June 03, 2004
garbage, trash, waste, etc.
1.Damn ja rule fell off boy, that man is garbage
2.my mom yelled at me last night cuz i forgot to take out the ja rule
3.that kid got sick for touching some toxic ja rule
by Jizz-osh January 23, 2005
A disgrace to hip-hop and don't even put his name in RAP.Lil'Bow Wow's and Lil'Romeo's ghostwriters have better flow than him.The only reason he gets hits records is if Ashanti is doing the hooks.The worst Pop Star I've ever seen that claims he's in rap.

Irv Gotti's puppet.
Irv Gotti:Since we ain't making money off of rap you should start acting!

Ja Rule:I am already acting!My best role is Tupac in every rap video I make!
by anonymous January 08, 2005
Rapper who thinks he can screw with Eminem and gunit, there by dragging in d12
R.U.L.E aka S.H.I.T

Ja Rule had his name leaglly changed to Ja Shit!
by Da Rapper Core December 27, 2004
A so-called rapper who used to rap about murder, but now only sings about love, and how he is tired of being lonely. Gay DMX wanna-be. His sidekick is that ugly banshee Ashanti.
Ja-Rule: baby baby baaaaaabaaaay! Im tired of being lonely! I need someone to hold meeeee.... so baby girl put it on me!!!! Im a homo!!!!
by Zeebo the Barber October 28, 2006
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