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Favoured pastime with those who are predisposed towards making intimate contact with sluts. Involves sexual intercourse with females of loose morality.
Tally-ho old chaps! Lovely night for a spot of slut cunting, don't you think? Jolly good then, let's make haste, shall we?
by biatch March 23, 2004
A little rat. Look at his rat-face when he laughs.
Fuck Ja Rule
by biatch November 23, 2003
A local from Tasmania. Six fingers, two heads, etc.
"Holy cow, Bob. Check out that Taswegian! What a freak!
by Biatch November 01, 2004
what occurz when a noob does something mighty noobish, such as killing himself...with a stick...or superglue
hehehehe did u see that noobtrosity, what a fucktard!!!
by BIATCH December 10, 2004
a wankOr
he's just another random fappOr
by Biatch October 31, 2003
In a video game when a noob just throws grenades like crazy making a huge path of destruction. ONLY USE IN EXTREME CASES OF NOOBOSITY
Holy shit, i got pwned by that fucking grenoob.
by BIATCH December 11, 2004
A special type of walk, only cool crazy guys can do before they smoke some dust.
Im a smood walka stylee, BIATCH!!!
by biatch November 14, 2003
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