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3 definitions by epd

Ja Rule Fucking Sucks!!!! He sings like the cookie monster and im not just sayin that cuz other ppl are.Have u heard him rap?!He cant rap with out having a partner. He sings all the soft songs with chicks and then 50 comes out and fucking disses him like he deserves bcuz hes a fucking wanksta and then he tries to diss 50.Ja sucks ass. If you hate 50 and G-Unit and you like this punk ass faggot you must be fucking retarded. Ja is fake.50 is real. Ja never been in the ghetto in his life, never sold drugs, got shot, shot or killed anyone, yet he's in murder inc. None of his shit sells bcuz 50 has shown everyone hes a fake ass bitch.Pretty Much every rapper/group is on 50's side like D12,Obie Trice, Em. Ja gets Fat Joe to stand up for him and Joe prolly dont like him anyway. Ja Sucks . thats the bottom line.
Ja rule should die. He tries to be 2Pac.He's a wanksta.Not a true nigga.
by epd June 20, 2005
90 51
The guy who started rap. period. He started everything.hes a true gangsta.booboosimz you are a fucking retard dr. dre is a real nigga u know absolutely nothing. dr. dre helped make the rappers of today like 50 cent eminem, DMX, banks ,young buck, yayo they all owe it to him. but he didnt make ja rule thank the fucking god cuz ja rule sucks dick at rapping. even if u dont like rap dont diss dr. dre cuz he is the king of his genre so u should respect that
Dr. Dre is a great rapper.
by epd June 20, 2005
116 84
"Hate it or love it the underdog's on top and I'm gon' shine homie 'til my heart stop"

Yes, Hate him or love him, he is on top.
He's a good rapper. That's my opinion. You're entitled to yours.
by epd June 23, 2005
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