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a shit stain on the underpants of society. Like Shaggy, ja rule is only recognized becuase his voice sounds like a cross between a lawn mower and a squeeling pig. Ja Rule owes all his fame to Ashanti coz he isn't shit without her.
"dude that rollercoaster was soo scary i think i ja rule'd myself"
#ja #murder inc #parasite #shit stain #talentless
by Louie_n_33 November 09, 2005
verb: the use of similar lyrics in every song; to be soo badass that you can become famous dispite an evident lack of talent

verb: to be carried to the top on the back of your music producers
"man dont 50cent's producers backs get soar carryin that heavy sack of talentless bullshit"
#fiddy #fiffty #hard #elephant #badass
by Louie_n_33 November 09, 2005
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