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JOFA comes from the hockey equipment which has nice equipemnt but a bad helmet.Used to describe a girl, who has a nice body but an ugly face.
"Dude, i just fucked a JOFA last nite, her ass hot but her face was NOT!"
#jofa #girl #sexy #ugly #hot
by mike morreles July 13, 2006
A portmanteau of 'Jar' and 'Sofa'.

The jar used in your house or flat, to collect monies from a friend who, technically, does not live with you, but continues to sleep on the sofa for an indefinite period of time.
"Ashley, the JOFA looks very empty this week..."

"Dude, I'm playing Skyrim..."
#scrounger #money #rent #sofa #jar
by ihateestateagents November 16, 2011
Abreviation for Jacket Over Fat Ass.
Not to be confused with the hockey equipment worn by greats like Jaromir Jagar.

An abreviated form for jacket over fat ass that has worked its way into normal everyday use.
This term usually refers to women who are insecure about their fat asses and wear long jackets, mu-mus, ponchos, or any other ass concealing artical of clothing.
You all know a J.O.F.A., and many of you have had a drunken night or two banging the sweet jesus out of one.
Greg: Good lord Justin, check out that J.O.F.A.
Justin: Ya, I thought she was hot till she took off her jacket.
Greg: It's ok, 5 long island ice teas later and I could fuck her.
Justin: Make that 6 for me.
by Dedalus January 16, 2005
Jofa is a high quality brand of hockey equipment, made famous by the brutally ugly JOFA VM helmet worn by Wayne Gretzky in his prime. It's used to describe a woman with a great body and a nasty face, aka a cincinnati bengal.
Sean: Dude, check it out! That chick is stacked.
Jake: Naw man, wait til she turns around.
Sean: Yeesh! JOFA
Jake: Yeah - great gear, poor bucket.
#cincinnati bengal #butterface #ugly #bagger #prawn
by live2ride August 10, 2007
an acranym for Jacket Over Fat Ass (JOFA)
"Hey dude, why's that chicks jacket around her waist?"
Yo, it's to hide her ass with her jofa
by Nowar March 17, 2005
A fat girl who attempts to cover up her fat with a jacket tied around her waste (JACKET OVER FAT ASS)
That girl is pure JOFA
by Pittbull March 24, 2005
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