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1. Acronym for Jack Of All Trades. A person who is somewhat proficient at a number of different things. However the phrase is usually used in conjunction with "but master of none" putting a negative connotation on an otherwise positive phrase.

2. A collection of live, unreleased, and rare versions of music by recording artist Jack Johnson.
My uncle is a JOAT. He fixed our plumbing and then worked on his hot rod for a while.
by Pizzles May 01, 2007
Currently being used for persons who are not specialized in one subject, but with broad experience in different areas. Or at least pretending so...
UNIX Specialist and JOAT
by Jean Binder November 12, 2003
I saw Tuff Trey joating in the park
by UDBHH March 04, 2009
The spot between your taint and your chode.
"Oh ya baby, right there! HEY! Careful, you just tongued my joat"
by JR5124 September 06, 2007
(Joh-te) Noun.
A Scrubby person from a hillbilly living style.
Derived from Goat, mixed with jizz.
1. Adam has a small length, unshaved, not fully developed moustach and wears clothes from the sally am. what a Joat.

2. Suzy sleeps with gressy kids from her family tree. What a joat.
by Mac Liddle June 21, 2006
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