(slang mexican/puerto rican) A way to open a sentence or greet another
Jo Mang! Ju want some fah quin hub caps mang
by Cristobal October 17, 2003
Another word for dick or penis.
"Fuck you Ryan, go suck a Jo"
#dick #penis #cock #disco stick #lolipop
by Indybitz December 01, 2009
Joint Orgasm. Two+ dudes get together and jerk it. Like a more intimate circlejerk. The latest thing on craigslist.
Looking for JO bud in Cleveland, not gay.
#circlejerk #craigslist #masturbation #jerking off #gay
by sir q December 17, 2007
Short for "jo mama" (yo mama)
(Shift supervisor): "Mr. Ferndock, you are doubtless the most inept employee this fast food franchise has ever had the misfortune to link its good name to." (Assistant fry chef): "Jo!"
by megnao flimpis July 11, 2003
jo means have sex or make out
check out coh and you'll see what jo means
by lezlie September 10, 2005
Short for Jerk Off.
That dude's a JO. or Yo JO what's up?
by JTM November 11, 2003
jack off;a word to use with guys when hott girls are around.
Dude #1: dude that girl is such a jo

Dude #2: dude thats my sister

Dude #1: but you know you would jo to her.

Dude #2: yea............
#horney #masterbate #jack off #bitches #girls
by suckmydickdawgorillsucksyours January 30, 2009
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